Best Gaming Mouses

Change in the trend of Single Player to Multiplayer game play and with the increasing growth and likeness of FPS (First Person Shooting) games, the significance of a mouse has been increased a lot. Now each Player wants to outrun his competitor in the gaming arena. FPS games depend on the mouse, simply put “The better the mouse the better the game play “. While buying a Gaming mouse, apart from the accuracy and performance, the features that a gamer wants are comfortable grip, the ability to easily adjust DPI settings, and extra buttons. Keeping in mind all of these things different brands have stepped into the race of ‘manufacturing the best gaming mouse ‘. Filtering those brands on the behalf of user ratings, we have come across three of the Top manufacturers (namely Microsoft, Logitech and Razor) and their products. Products like Logitech G500 and G5 Laser mouse, Microsoft Sidewinder X8, Razer Orochi and Death adder are available in the market with Razer Orochi having the best ratings of all ( .

Gaming in a competition’s environment is all about the skills, coordination and the timing. The choice of the wrong mouse can make a gamer suffer by losing the match. When it comes to finding the right mouse, the features on the top are the accuracy, sensitivity and the price of the mouse. Gaming mice are lot expensive than an ordinary PC mouse because of the added device characteristics like the starting prices of the top brands gaming mice mentioned below

  • Logitech G5 Laser mouse       $99.99
  • Microsoft Sidewinder X8       $72.88
  • Razor Mamba                          $109.85

Here comes, in the race, mice like Razor Death adder and Logitech MX518 with starting prices of $45.10 and $39.99 having the same ratings as the other expensive gaming mice of the same brands. These mice come in sleek design with the features of up to five programmable non slip buttons, great sensitivity and support of 1600+ dpi and have 1000 Hz ultra polling. These features, as compared to expensive mice, are comparatively low but at the same time enough for today’s gaming environment with a touch of affordable prices.